Who are North Metro GNETS Behavior Specialists?

North Metro GNETS Behavior Specialist are trained professionals with a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. Our Behavior Specialists train and assist teachers and staff on behavior management strategies, conducting and writing Functional Behavior Analysis, writing and implementing Behavior Intervention Plans, and writing and measuring IEP behavior goals. Additionally, our Behavior Specialists work with individual students to minimize challenging behaviors at school. Our Behavior Specialists serve on the District Leadership Team and provide behavior support to all NM GNETS sites.

What are Some of the Specific Services That Our North Metro GNETS Behavior Specialists Provide?

Services to Students:

  • Completing Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Writing Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Developing intervention strategies to increase academic success
  • Assisting with conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Helping the student develop appropriate social interaction skills

School Personnel Resources:

  • Providing staff with essential information to better understand class-wide and individual behavior management
  • Developing staff in-service training programs
  • Assisting teachers with behavior management (ex. PBIS)
  • Providing direct support to staff

Services to Districts:

  • Serving as a valuable member of the IEP team and effectively helping to implement an alternative program (GNETS) for students with chronic behaviors and mental health related issues
  • Providing consultation regarding school law and school policy including IDEA, ESSA, and Section 504

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a North Metro GNETS Behavior Specialist:

  • Provides general management and oversight of the NM GNETS Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS), social skills training, and crisis support curriculum
  • Provide research-based training to teachers, paraprofessionals, and other NM GNETS program staff in all aspects of data collection and analysis, PBIS and crisis prevention and intervention
  • Provide on-going feedback to NM GNETS staff regarding their use of behavioral/therapeutic support techniques ex. Mindset, LSCI, PBIS, etc.
  • Utilize data analysis to guide the use of behavioral/therapeutic support techniques and interventions
  • Work with NM GNETS leadership to coordinate and integrate all program standards and expectations inclusive of academics, crisis support, and positive behavioral interventions & supports, etc.
  • Coordinate with NM GNETS staff to provide guidance and support to parents regarding their children’s behavior
  • Collect data and prepares a variety of reports for the purpose of documenting case history, assessments, and treatment
  • Travel from site to site and provide reports to appropriate stakeholders for the purpose of providing direct treatment, consultation, and collaboration for students and families
  • Provide consultative support to local school system staff when students are in crisis and when students are returning from the NM GNETS program to less restrictive settings
  • Increase job skills by participating in ongoing professional development, trainings, and/or certification programs as appropriate
  • Serve as a liaison between NM GNETS, LEAs, mental health professionals, behavior specialists, parents, and other appropriate stakeholders
  • Maintains accurate data collection and prepares reports, as needed
  • Ensures that confidential and/or sensitive information concerning the NM GNETS program is only shared with appropriate personnel
  • Crisis Prevention and Restraint Training certification is required for all North Metro GNETS employees
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the North Metro GNETS Director